FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is your experience in producing compostable bags?

Our team has over 18 years of experience in producing compostable bags. With our extensive knowledge and expertise, we ensure that our bags meet the highest standards of quality and sustainability.

2. Which international standards do your compost bags meet?

At GoBioPack, we pride ourselves on producing compostable bags that meet international standards. Our products are certified by reputable organizations such as BPI (Biodegradable Products Institute),  TUV Austria, and comply with standards like ASTM D6400, EN13432, AS 4736, and AS 5810. These certifications guarantee the eco-friendly nature of our bags.

3. Which countries do you export your compostable bags to?

We export our compostable bags to multiple countries worldwide. Our products have reached customers in countries such as the United States, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Chile, Mexico, Panama, and more. No matter where you are located, we can provide our sustainable solutions to you.

4. What sets your compostable bags apart in terms of quality?

Our compostable bags are known for their consistently high quality. We ensure that our bags are easy to open, no leaking, long time shelf life,  and do not break easily, providing customers with reliable and durable solutions for their packaging needs. Our commitment to quality guarantees that you receive products you can trust.

5. What is used to make the bags different colors? Is it toxic?

Our compostable bags’ colors come from color masterbatch, which is certified to meet ASTM D6400 and EN 13432 standards. You can trust that our bags contain no toxins.

6. Is the ink used for printing on bags toxic?

Instead of solvent-based ink, we use water-based ink for printing our compost bags, ensuring that they are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Our ink meets the standards of ASTM D6400 and EN13432 for compostability.

7. How quickly can you deliver orders for compostable bags?

We understand the importance of timely deliveries, which is why we strive to shorten our production time. In some cases, we can deliver orders in as short as 15 days. This not only ensures that you receive your compostable bags promptly but also helps you maintain a healthy cash flow for your business.

8. What types of compostable bags do you offer?

At GoBioPack, we offer a diverse range of compostable bags to cater to various needs. Our product lineup includes trash bags, dog poop bags, drawstring bags, shopping bags, produce bags, mailers, ziplock bags, aprons, and more. Whatever your specific requirements are, we have a sustainable bag solution for you.

9. Do you have any customers that are reputable brands?

Yes, we share the same supply chain as global brands such as Biobag, UNNI, Matter, Doggy Do Good, and more. This means that when you choose our compostable bags, you can expect the same outstanding quality and reliability as these renowned brands. We take pride in delivering products that meet the highest industry standards.

10. Do you offer OEM service for compostable bags? Are there any MOQ limits?

Yes, we offer OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) service for compostable bags. Our team can work with you to create personalized packaging solutions that align with your brand identity and help you stand out in the market.

Additionally, we have no MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) limits, allowing you the flexibility to order according to your business requirements.

11. Are your compostable bags made from sustainable materials?

Yes, our compostable bags are made from sustainable materials such as plant-based material and other bioplastics. We prioritize using eco-friendly materials to ensure that our bags have a minimal impact on the environment.

12. How long does it take for your compostable bags to break down?

The time it takes for our compostable bags to break down depends on various factors, including the composting conditions. In ideal industrial composting facilities or home composting environments, our bags typically break down within 3 months.

13. Can your compostable bags be used for food packaging?

Yes, our compostable bags are suitable for food packaging. They meet food safety standards and are designed to maintain the freshness and quality of food items. You can confidently use our compostable bags for packaging various food products.

14. Can your compostable and biodegradable bags help reduce greenhouse gas emissions?

Yes, our compostable bags can contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions when properly composted. As they break down into compost, they can help divert organic waste from landfills, where it would otherwise produce methane, a potent greenhouse gas.

15. How long do your biodegradable and compostable bags last in my warehouse? What is the storage requirements?

The average shelf life of these products is 12-18 months if they are stored in good condition.

Our compostable bags do not have any special storage requirements. However, it is generally recommended to store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. This helps to maintain their integrity and ensures that they remain in optimal condition until you are ready to use them.

16. Are your home compostable bags leak-proof?

Yes, our compostable bags are engineered to be leak-proof. We understand the importance of preventing leaks and spills, especially for waste management and food packaging purposes. You can trust that our bags will effectively contain liquids and prevent any unwanted leakage.

17. Do you provide samples of your 100% compostable bags for testing purposes?

Yes, we offer samples of our 100% compostable bags for testing purposes. We understand the importance of ensuring product suitability before placing a larger order. Contact our team, and we will be happy to provide you with samples so that you can evaluate the quality and performance of our bags.

18. Are your compostable bags more expensive than traditional plastic bags?

Our compostable bags may have a slightly higher price point compared to traditional plastic bags. However, the environmental benefits and sustainability they offer make them a valuable investment. By choosing our compostable bags, you contribute to reducing plastic waste and promoting a greener future.

19. Can your compostable bag hold heavy loads without tearing?

Absolutely! Our compostable bags are engineered to have excellent strength and durability. They are capable of holding heavy loads without tearing or breaking, making them ideal for various applications, such as waste disposal or carrying bulky items. Just remember not to put sharp items inside to prevent it from punching the bags.

20. Can I use your compost bag in the microwave or fridge safely?

Our compost bags are not suitable for use in a microwave. In addition, do not place hot food over 60°C inside the bags for an extended period of time. However, our bags can safely be stored in the fridge, as they can withstand temperatures as low as -30°C.

21. Do your 100% compostable bags release any harmful substances during composting?

No, our 100% compostable bags are designed to be free from harmful substances. During the composting process, they break down into natural components without releasing any toxic substances or microplastics, ensuring that the resulting compost is safe and environmentally friendly.

22. What is the process for ordering custom compost bags with your company?

Ordering custom compost bags with us is a straightforward process. Simply reach out to our team with your specific requirements, including bag type, size, design, and any branding elements. Our experts will guide you through the customization options and provide a quote based on your needs. Upon confirmation of price, we can proceed to the sample stage, and if you are satisfied with samples, you can place an order.

23. Are your compost bags suitable for marine environments?

While our compostable bags are designed to break down in composting facilities, they may not break down as quickly in marine environments. We recommend disposing of our bags in backyard, industrial composting or appropriate waste management systems to ensure their proper decomposition.

24. Can your compostable bags be recycled?

Our compostable bags are not intended for recycling in traditional recycling streams. However, they can be processed in specialized composting facilities, where they break down and contribute to the creation of nutrient-rich compost. It is important to dispose of them correctly to maximize their environmental benefits.

25. Do your compostable bags have a distinct odor?

No, our compostable bags are designed to be odorless. Sometimes they have a natural sweet corn smell. We prioritize using high-quality materials that do not produce any unpleasant smells. You can expect our bags to be clean and free from any distinct odors, ensuring a pleasant user experience.

26. Can your compostable bags be used for industrial applications?

Yes, our compostable bags are versatile and suitable for various industrial applications. Whether you need them for storage, cloths, electronic parts, or transportation purposes, our bags offer reliable performance and can withstand the demands of industrial environments.

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