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GoBioPack is a leading manufacturer and supplier of standard-sized, high-quality compostable dog bags that are eco-friendly and sustainable. We specialize in producing compostable pet waste bags in standard sizes that are suitable for different breeds of dogs and pets. Made from high-quality biodegradable materials, our standard size compostable pet waste bags are durable and can handle the messiest cleanups. 

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The Certificates of Standard Size Compostable Dog Bags

The Process of Making Standard Size Compostable Dog Bags



In this first step, the biopolymer and color master batch is blended to create a uniform mixture. Biopolymers like corn starch, PLA, and PBAT are used in the form of bioplastic beads.



The blended mixture is then melted in an extruder at temperatures ranging from 130-180°C. This process melts the biopolymer and makes it easier to mold into the desired shape.


Pumping air

In this process, air is pumped vertically through a film of bioplastic to produce a tube-shaped film. The diameter of the tube is set up and determined by the required width of the compostable bag.


Passing through rollers

Several rollers slowly cool down the bioplastic tube, forming sheets that eventually form compostable bags.



Most standard-size compostable dog bags require printing with brand logos or other information. A simple 1-2 color logo can be printed while passing through rollers. However, complex patterns with more than 2 colors must be printed on a printing machine.


Cutting, Sealing &Rolling

The compostable film is cut to a standard size and sealed to create individual bags. The cutting and sealing machine is set up according to the desired length of the bag. Subsequently, the bags are then folded and rolled to meet the desired roll size specified by the clients.



After the cutting and sealing process, the compostable dog bags are packed according to the client’s requirements. The end product is ready to use and can be safely disposed of in a compost bin or other organic waste disposal methods, where it will decompose naturally without harming the environment.

How to Get the Standard Size Compostable Dog Bags



Send us an inquiry and confirm details such as bag size, printing, packaging, and desired quantity.



We will provide you with a quotation based on the details provided in the inquiry.


Real Sample Request

We offer drawings and customization options to ensure your satisfaction with the product. Request a real sample to verify the quality and make sure it meets your requirements.


Sign Contract

Once you are satisfied with the real sample, we will prepare a contract for you to sign.


Make a Deposit

After signing the contract, make a deposit to confirm your order.



Our team will initiate the production process for your standard size compostable pet waste bags, making use of top-notch equipment and superior quality materials.


Balance Payment

When the production is complete, pay the balance and we will ship the product to you.


Ship Product

We will ship the compostable dog bags to your desired location according to the agreed-upon terms.

About Company

Professional and Expert Standard Size Compostable Dog Bags Supplier

GoBioPack is a professional and expert standard size compostable dog bag supplier. We understand that as a business, you want to make responsible choices that benefit the environment and your customers. That’s why we offer a wide range of compostable products, including our high-quality standard size compostable dog bags.

As a trusted supplier, we pride ourselves on our expertise in the industry. Our team of professionals has extensive experience in manufacturing and delivering compostable products to businesses worldwide. We are committed to using renewable and compostable materials in all our products, ensuring that we provide eco-friendly solutions that meet our clients’ needs.

Our bags are made from plant-based materials and can be composted at home or in a commercial composting facility. This means that they won’t contribute to the ever-growing problem of plastic waste that harms our planet and wildlife.

When you choose GoBioPack as your standard-size compostable dog bag supplier, you can be sure that you are getting a high-quality product that is good for the environment and meets your needs as a pet supply business.

Our Advantages

Why Choose Us to Be Your Standard Size Compostable Dog Bags Supplier

Our background

As a leading supplier of eco-friendly pet waste disposal solutions, we have over 8 years of experience in manufacturing and supplying standard size compostable dog bags to our customers. We are committed to providing top-notch customer service and delivering high-quality products.

Supply Chain

Our supply chain is carefully monitored to ensure that we use only the best and most sustainable materials to make our standard size compostable dog bags. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure that the materials we use are environmentally friendly and ethically sourced.

Research & Development

We continuously invest in research and development to improve our products and manufacturing processes. Our team of experts is constantly exploring new and innovative ways to make our standard size compostable dog bags even more effective and eco-friendly.

Quality Management

Our commitment to quality extends to every aspect of our business. We adhere to strict quality management processes to ensure that every bag we produce meets the highest standards. From raw material sourcing to the finished product, we monitor and control every step of the process.

Make Experience

With years of experience in the industry, we understand the needs and preferences of our customers. We have worked with a wide range of clients, including pet stores and veterinary clinics, to provide them with the best compostable dog bags on the market.

Marketing & Sales - Product Offering

Our standard size compostable dog bags come in a range of sizes and quantities to meet your needs. They are durable, leak-proof, and easy to use. We offer a range of packaging options, including bulk purchases, to ensure that our customers can always find the best product at the best price.

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